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    T-shirts for graphic designers and design pinback buttons at Modest Messages. Search for t-shirts & pinback button designs by category. Show your love for design.
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    Modest Messages is a shop for graphic designers and creative individuals looking for design inspired pinback buttons and design t-shirts that reflect their unique occupation. With designs, messages and themes revolving around graphic design, fonts, typography, color, programming languages, pop culture, tattoos and funky creatures, it’s easy to mix and match these pins to reflect your day.
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    Custom designed t-shirts and pinback buttons at Modest Messages. Fill out the form and send it to Modest Messages to start the process of getting a custom design printed on a t-shirt or pinback button.
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    Modest Messages has shipped orders all over the United States and internationally. Check out the map to see where our designs have landed lately and who is talking about Modest Messages designs.
  • About Modest Messages Pinback Buttons
    Graphic design t-shirts & pinback buttons for designers, by a designer. Modest Messages is for designers and creative individuals looking for design pinback buttons & design inspired t-shirts.
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    A few links to other graphic design & web design related websites of interest.

Shop For Graphic Design Pinback Buttons & Design T-Shirts

  • T-shirts for Graphic Designers
    Although Modest Messages started with designer inspired pinback buttons, many designs make sense as graphic design inspired t-shirts. T-shirts designs are available in white, light, and dark t-shirts and come in a variety of adult sizes…perfect for graphic designers big and small.
  • Graphic Design Pinback Buttons
    Designers + Buttons = Happy Designers. From kooky creatures and design patterns to font names and typography, these graphic design pinback buttons are perfect for showing your love for design. With a wide variety of unique and wicked buttons, you're sure to find the perfect mini pins to fit your creative personality.
  • All Things Helvetica
    Looking for unique Helvetica t-shirts and accessories made just for graphic designers? Look no further. Here you'll find a unique collection of all things Helvetica; from t-shirts to pinback buttons to mugs. Look for additional Helvetica items to be added as new products are designed.
  • Unique Holga T-shirts, Pinback Buttons & More
    Looking for unique Holga t-shirts and accessories made just for cult Holga camera lovers like you? Look no further. Here you'll find a unique collection of products dedicated to plastic toy cameras; from t-shirts to pinback buttons and more. Look for additional Holga items to be added as new products are designed.
  • Mugs
    Whether you like it black or with sugar; hot or iced; light or dark; make sure your sippin' your daily coffee out of these creative mugs. Designs wrap around a large 15oz. ceramic mug and are perfect for keeping your projects moving.
  • Magnets
    If you're going to stick art on your fridge, why not do it with a little style. These design inspired magnets are 2.25" in diameter and made of metal. Magnet designs range from typography and fonts to unique illustrations and emoticons. Use them to hold notes or photos, dress up a school locker, room or add a personal touch to your workspace. Adds stylish fun to any room. Collect ‘em, trade ‘em.
  • Graphic Design Pinback Buttons (Bulk)
    Designers + Buttons = Happy Designers. All pinback buttons below are ordered in bulk packs (either 10 packs or 100 packs). These graphic design pinback buttons are a great way to show your appreciation for other designers at events, art shows, award ceremonies, special events and initiations. Perfect for designers of all abilities, styles and tastes.
  • Graphic Design Tote Bags
    Our graphic design tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go including your favorite design magazines, books, music and more. They include a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. Made of 100% cotton canvas.
  • Swallow Tattoo Illustration Inspired T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags & Other Apparel
    Flying swallow illustration in a stylized tattoo design. Colored in green, yellow, blue, orange and red to keep the coloring true to the old-school tattoos. The swallow tattoo design is available on many products including t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more.

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Modest Messages is powered by CafePress, a respectable online shop for thousands of products and designs. Feel secure that your purchase is backed by years of online experience and great customer service. If you need help with your order, call Toll Free 1-877-809-1659 or email Customer Service.

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